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Lady Harley

Lady Harley and Jeremiah, from Woodland Hills, CA, have some great stories!
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Jeremiah Gerbracht's "Once Upon A Ride"
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Title page
Close-up photo of Lady Harley
Letter from SPCA endorsing Lady Harley's bike-riding activity
First LAPD traffic ticket 11/27/95 "Large dog riding on gas tank, unsafe riding"
Reuters news article "Is a Dog on a Motorcycle a Person?"
LA TIMES article "Biker Howls Over Pooch's Ticket"
LA TIMES METRO article "Husky Rider"
SF Examiner article "Dog can't ride hog, L.A. cops insist"
The Bailing Wire newsletter article "What's up with that?"
LA TIMES article "Biker Dog and Master Take a Ride to Court"
LA TIMES article "Judge Rules Dog May Ride on Motorcycle"
Victory party announcement
Big Twin article "Harley The Hog Dog"
Announcement for New York Bagel Exchange "Husky Harley Bagel Dog"
The Signal article with photo of Jeremiah and Lady Harley on Multiple Sclerosis Run6
Free 2 Wheel article "That Doggone Bike" page 1
Free 2 Wheel article "That Doggone Bike" page 2
Free 2 Wheel article "That Doggone Bike" page 3
Photo of Lady Harley and Jeremiah on the road
Letter from BBC Radio
Letter from September Films on "Animals USA" documentary
Letter from Court TV's "Inside America's Courts"
Head-on photo of Lady Harley and Jeremiah on the road
Lost Dog poster
Daily News article "Biker Seeks lost pet"
Letter from Willie G. Davidson of Harley-Davidson
LA TIMES article "Back on the Bike"
Daily News article "Happy Tale"
Story of how Lady Harley was lost and then found
Second LAPD traffic ticket 10/01/97 "Interference with driver or mechanism"
UPI news article "Dog Owner Says He'll Fight 2nd Ticket"
Warner news article "LAPD Once Again Says Dog Can't Ride Hog"
Daily News article "Harley-riding Husky Heading Back To court"
UPI news article "Harley Dog Beats Second Ticket"
Daily News article "Chopper-riding dog wins case on ticket"
Photo of Lady Harley with LA proclamation tag
LA proclamation "The Valley's Very Own Motorcycle Riding Dog!"
Proclamation photo of Lady Harley, Jeremiah, & Councilwoman Laura Chick
Valley News Group article "Motorcycle Mutt Honored"
Third LAPD traffic ticket 04/10/98 "Unsafe motorcycle operation with large dog"
CHP traffic ticket 04/25/98 "Unsafe load (dog)"
UPI news article "Harley Dog Gets More Tickets"
Photo of Lady Harley and Jeremiah on the road
Fourth LAPD traffic ticket 08/31/98 "riding with dog on tank"
USA Today news article "LAPD can't get its paws on biker dog"
NY Times news article "Seekers of Fame and Traffic Tickets"
LA TIMES article "Dogged Pursuit" page 1
LA TIMES article "Dogged Pursuit" page 2
LA TIMES Letters to the Editor
LA TIMES article "Court Battle Over Dog on Motorcycle Postponed"
Media Alert - "Trial of Motorcycle Riding Dog"
Bikes & Spikes news article "Dolittle Under Siege" page 1
Bikes & Spikes news article "Dolittle Under Siege" page 2
Bikes & Spikes news article "Dolittle Under Siege" page 3
National Enquirer news article "Dog on Hog is King of the Road"
Media Alert - "Jury Trial of Lady Harley"
Media Alert - "Lady Harley Wins Again"
Photo of Lady Harley and Jeremiah "Ride safe, Rife free, Ride on!!!"

Autographed photo reads "To Jesse and Houdini, you're both doggone GRRREAT! Ride Safe. Ride Free. Ride On!!!"
o[Courtesy Jeremiah Gerbracht ]

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